MOOGTRON - Synths/Bass

SPACE - Drums/Sequences


JOHN MCGOWAN - Flute/Poetry



SAXY ELLIE - Sax/Vocals



AKA - Blacksnow

The style is an interesting form of ‘Up-Beat Fusion’ music, with a Prog. Rock influence, performed with instruments (Such as Sax and Flute) Compositions are with Modal harmonies, and highly influenced by Electronic/Psychedelic bands such as Ozric Tentacles and Gong.


The band started as a live PA in the middle of last decade, with Space (Damian Maguire), followed by new musicians on ryth/ lead instruments such as Saxy Ellie (Sax/Vocals), John Mcgowan (Flute) Paul Jackson (Bass) and Simon Shearing (Guitar), who joined in 2009. Since then they have performed at several parties and over 30 gigs/festivals such as: the Black History Exhibition, Bournespring Centre; People Moving People, The Winchester and regular Zodiac Events in League with Magic Cloud (Productions). They also perform with Space Ace Robot (Solo Act with Space, on vocals).


The band then adopted some more new members such as ‘Crazy space Synth. master - Ponytron, and Joe Thomas (Bass). There are several live videos and versions available of there new gigs and studio material.


The band continued in the studio working on their latest material, such as the ‘Kroft (Live-Studio) sessions. Radio/Online play including ‘Airadio – DJ Designsteve, and Aural Innovations – Space Rock Radio Show, America . Releases also include Remixed tracks by Space.


Other multi-media projects include animation videos / film shorts such as Kick Ass, Vortex 1 and 2 . The band have also performed with projections and stage merchandise (In league with Magic Cloud productions and Dave Meyers)


In 2011, their new line up included Rock Gods - Golly (Guitar) and Nick (Bass). Performances at festivals include, Kozmik Kens Psychedelic Dream Festival, Devon (2011), and ‘Boscombe Community Fair (2011), Mayhem in the Meadows (2012). The most recent gig dates include Space Ritual – support, at Mr Kyps, (Video online –, Anvil Rox (Showcase - with Psy Groove), and an ongoing residency with Forbidden Planet (since 2010) (Lights/DJ/Sound/Film Visuals – by Conrad – from Solid Air).


Manikin Time Shark have also finished their album in 2011, ‘A Trick in Time’ (Tracks - Out now! - on I-Tunes) with ‘Saxy Ellie and Anthony Bristow (Numb beard) (previous Bass player). Recent broadcasts are include on Starship Overflow (Radio Station). Latest tracks (Produced by Space) include Funny 2 and Adrenaline 2.


Recent line up's between 2013-2016 included Lucan, Anthony (Psygroove), Space & Nigel on Drums. Recent album - Sheer Shark Attack (Now out on Itunes, Amazon and several stores), with latest tracks and Rick Hambleton on Drums. 


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